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Happy World Teacher’s Day

จดหมายข่าว International Council on Education for Teaching (ICET) ฉบับวันครูโลก 5 ตุลาคม

Dear ICET Family members, 

Happy World Teachers Day!!

TTF Newsletter 
We are happy to share with you  the Teacher Task Force World Teachers Day Newsletter 

Regional Virtual Meetings 
The Teacher Task Force with member organizations and partners is organizing a series of Regional Virtual Meetings to coincide with the World Teachers Day celebration.
 These will explore the topic of teacher leadership and its key role in developing effective solutions to address challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic and building back resilient education systems (see the concept note)

In particular, the regional meetings will provide a forum to:

  1. Share examples of leadership that emerged, were implemented or are planned during different phases of the pandemic including the transition to remote teaching and the return to school;
  2. Identify the different systemic or policy level enabling factors that were conducive to foster effective leadership amongst school leaders and teachers at the classroom-, school- and community-levels;
  3. Identify challenges that need to be addressed to ensure leadership can be enhanced and teachers can take the lead on different dimensions of teaching and learning;
  4. Discuss different tools available to support teacher leadership, including the new TTF Toolkit for Reopening Schools, and TTF Knowledge Platform. 

If you would like to would like to  join one of the meetings please feel free to visit the appropriate web link:

Asia-Pacific:  7 October at 9:00h-11:00 (Paris time GTM +2), in English.
Please register here
Anglophone Africa 7 October at 15:00h-16:30 (Paris time GTM +2), in English
Please register here
Arab States8 October at 10:00h-11:30 (Paris time GTM +2), in English, Arabic and French.
Please register here
Francophone Africa8 October at 15:00h-16:30 (Paris time GTM +2)in French
Please register here

ICET MESH Symposium Teacher Experience and Practices in the time of Covid-19

  • Thursday 8th October 3pm London time, repeated
  • Thursday 15th October 2pm Tokyo time

This Symposium is open to all with an interest in teacher experience at the time of COVID-19.

To accommodate colleagues living in different time zones, the Symposium will be repeated. The first symposium is being held on Thursday 8th October, 10 am New York time, 3 pm London time, and the second on Thursday 15th October 2 pm Tokyo time. These times mean the symposium is accessible during working hours around the world. The Eventbrite bookings are registering for the UK and Tokyo times, but times have been chosen to be inclusive. Please register for a ticket at either or both events. You will then be emailed joining instructions. The attached conference flyer provides additional information.