ICDE’s AI Week

Following the ICDE Leadership Summit 2024 earlier this month, where educational leaders met to discuss the ethical implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in higher education, ICDE is excited to invite you to engage further with our global network on the topic of AI for education and learning. 

One of the key takeaways from the ICDE Leadership Summit 2024 was the need for international collaboration. Therefore, we now encourage you to join our upcoming events to learn about the practical integration of AI in higher education. We will also share additional resources on AI from our global network. 

Upcoming events

Enhance Learner Engagement and Success with AI Tutor Pro

25 June 2024, 16:00-17:00 UTC+2

AI Tutor Pro is a free digital assistant developed by ICDE member, Contact North | Contact Nord. This session will show you how to incorporate AI Tutor Pro into your teaching strategies.

Led by Dr Ron Owston (Research Associate, AI in Higher Education at Contact North | Contact Nord) this webinar will benefit faculty, instructors, K12 teachers, instructional designers, L&D specialists and educational technologists.

This event is for ICDE members only

I Meets OER – two practical approaches from ENCORE+ Project Partners

26 June 2024, 14:00-15:00 UTC+2

We invite you to join this first follow-up event of the ENCORE+ project. 

In this session, two of the ENCORE+ Project Partners will share their respective institutions’ practical approaches to howAI can be integrated with Open Education and Open Science. The presentations will be followed by an interactive Q&A session and discussion. 

The event is open to all.

“Meeting the charging elephant”: Global leaders convene to discuss AI in higher education

Have you read our summary from the ICDE Leadership Summit 2024, hosted by Globethics? Over 120 participants from 35 countries gathered in Geneva, Switzerland to discuss the topic of “Ethical Leadership in the Age of AI: Rethinking Futures of Education“.

Read more

Resources from our global community

Towards AI Literacy: 101+ Creative and Critical Practices, Perspectives and Purposes

With 119 contributions from 22 countries, this document curates ideas and practices on AI by education practitioners, open researchers and students, generated by the international #creativeHE community. Read more

AUNEGe AI Workshops

Please note: workshops are in French.

OEBcast webinar: Nurture Academic Excellence: Foster original thinking with formative feedback in the AI Era
26 June 2024, 10:00 UTC+2

In this online panel discussion Dr Alexander Bauer (Associate Professor of Wittenborg University of Applied Science and Associate Lecturer of Fachhochschule Wiener Neustadt) and Ali Alam (EdTech Entrepreneur and Chief Entrepreneurship & Innovation Officer, Constructor University) will share their experience and best practices on how to engage with students and ensure academic integrity without diminishing original thinking in the AI Era. Register now

Open Praxis: Latest research exploring AI

Discover some of the latest research articles on AI in higher education through ICDE’s peer-reviewed, open-access journal, Open Praxis

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